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Jason Cicci's feature film screenplay will be directed by Bob Giraldi ("Dinner Rush", "Hiding Out") in a joint production of Monday Morning Productions and Giraldi Media.

After the sudden death of his estranged brother, out of work author Christopher Carpenter finds himself headed back to the offbeat hometown he had left behind. In this quirky dark comedy, Christopher suddenly finds himself leading a grief counseling group filled with local kooks.  Egged on by his overzealous agent, he covertly records the sessions for a comeback book-- as the new adventure opens itself eventually; each member of the group revealing the calamity of secrets they’ve withheld in order to move forward with their dismal lives. 

Currently seeking final investors.


Harry Kirkman is a 50-something has-been voice over agent.  With the business changing at lightning speed, Harry is soon outdated and behind the times.  In fact, he still orders the daily breakdowns, a listing of work offered to agents, in paper form, a telltale sign that Harry's hey day is in the past.


With the help of a new assistant, Harry's office acclimates itself to the 21st century as he tries to hold on to his clients and ventures into private coaching in order to keep the business alive.


Faced with the end of his career and with frequent, taunting visits from his ex-wife, Harry makes one last underhanded try to stay relevant.  Will it backfire?

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