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hate mail

Hate Mail follows the outrageous relationship between Preston (Jason Cicci), an entitled Midwesterner and Dahlia (Danielle Ferland), an avant garde New York artist.  An acerbic, modern cousin of Love Letters, the biting comedy begins when Preston sends multiple complaint letters that lead to Dahlia losing her job and turn her into the laughingstock of New York City.  She then vows to get even.  As their vitriolic letters and e-mails reach fever pitch, the unlikely couple realize there is a thin line between love and hate.  Have Preston and Dahlia finally met their match?  Written by Kira Obolensky and Bill Corbett and directed by Catherine Zambri, Hate Mail played at the Independent Theatre in New York City.

“Ferland is a treat and Cicci brings comic flair to the play.  Directed with a sense of variety and a good pace by Catherine Zambri.”

“Director Catherine Zambri has crafted a fine production, keeping the action taut and lively.  Cicci and Ferland are perfectly cast.”  Maruti Evans’ set is simple but stunning.”
– Off Off Online

“Jason Cicci is terrific.”
– NY Theatre


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