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cady did

The original comedy series "Cady Did" is kind of the lovechild of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Green Acres". With no options left in the big city, Tony Award winner Cady Huffman (The Producers) is forced to slink back to her small hometown after an embarrassing audition video goes viral. Humiliated and broke, she finds herself running a local access TV station. As her past and present collide hilariously, Cady is forced to either grow up or give up. Much to her dismay, she's never been a quitter.

Created by Jason Cicci and Cady Huffman


CD FB Cover Wins.png

MMP's original indie series "Cady Did" won big at the 12th Annual Indie Series Awards. Nominated for 12 Awards including Best Writing (Jason Cicci), Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy (Veanne Cox), among others, "Cady Did" took home 5 trophies, the most of any show of the year.

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