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a month of sundays

Jason Cicci’s tale of love, longing and games premiered at Theatre Row Theatre on 42nd Street.  A Month of Sundays marks Mr. Cicci’s playwriting debut.  Directed by Clare Mottola.

“Jason Cicci’s marathon of navel-gazing gathers charm and pointedness, as a band of yearning twentysomethings assemble weekly to moan and sniff each other, catching the scent of themselves, pairing a good Catholic boy with a bad Jewish girl, hearing the confessions of a man who likes the smoke better than the screw because he can be alone.”
– The Village Voice

“Cicci’s strengths are a wonderful ear for current speech, a smooth flow of scenes and believable, quirky characters.  Fascinating.”
– Victor Gluck, Backstage

“A Month of Sundays” fulfills a classic Off-Off-Broadway purpose, the introductions of a bright new palette.  The characters are fresh and have a vividness, which evokes an entire world.  Jason Cicci creates a world where friends and co-dependents mingle, as do love and obsession.”
– David Hirsh, Hi-Drama

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